Thursday, December 9, 2010

Winter Break Goals

Jetta has been well, there's not much to update on the training front. ML and I are going to trade off on riding the horses for the next three weeks so Jetta's going to get a mini-break. Usually she gets ridden 5-6 days a week so now it'll just be 2-3 days.

Even with all of this time off, I still hope to get a few things done. I am planning on bringing her home for a lesson with my trainer JF so we can get some new things to work on and get a few tips for improving. ML and I are also hoping to get a lesson with an eventing trainer in the area who we have heard nothing but good things about. Other than that, I just want Jetta to relax and hopefully we'll improve in a few areas!

I'm also hoping to find a new saddle. I recently got a new saddle, a Collegiate Convertible Diploma, that was fantastic, except... I didn't like how it fit me. I thought that I would get used to it because it was different from the one saddle that I have always ridden english in. I probably should have gotten the long flap, but that wasn't the only thing I didn't like. It has a relatively flat seat and I am used to a deep seat and it also puts me in a chair seat (probably because I'm not used to the style). Other than that, it's a great saddle. It has a very comfy seat, nice soft knee patches, and has the convertible gullet system so it fits my horses great. Sigh. I really do hate saddle shopping. It's too difficult! Anyways, if anyone's interested in the saddle, it's up for sale for $900 which includes all of the fittings (stirrup irons/leathers, nice contour girth, saddle pad and the gullet plates). But since I really want to get a new saddle, I'll be willing to consider any offer :) I know that over at We Are Flying Solo, she loves it, so...

I would love to get a used, super-nice saddle. I really like the Antares and Albion, but I recently found a nice Courbette that I would like to try, so we'll have to see. Jetta needs at least a medium-wide or wide tree (though she does need enough clearance for the withers). I have a Duett Fidelio that I bought used and I absolutely adore.

The Courbette Stylist Wide Seat

This is what my Duett looks like <3

This is my Collegiate. It's for sale! ;)

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