Saturday, December 11, 2010

Equine Photography

I have to say that I love, love, love Mary Cornelius' photography! I have always seen her work in magazines and I said to myself that someday I will ride in a show where she's the photographer. Now I just have to actually make a deadline for a Devonwood show!

Anyways, a while ago I saw in a Flying Changes magazine that she was going to be taking pictures of "senior" horses (those 25 and older). I immediately thought of Grady.

He was my first horse, I got him nine years ago. He was 16 and green-broke (definitely not the best horse for a beginner!) but I love him all the same. My trainer DVO helped me to retrain him and after getting
 bucked off many, many times, we are now the greatest partners. I love just going out to the pasture to cuddle with him and he will follow me around. I can hop on him and ride him around the pasture using only my seat and voice commands to guide him. I love this horse.

I took some pictures of him this summer because I lost all the hard copies saved to my computer :( Anyways, I got a few good ones, but I don't feel as if I captured his beauty and amazingness as well as I could have.

He's mostly retired now, save for a few trail rides every so often. I would love for Mary Cornelius to come take some pics of us/him in the summer. I know she says that all horses are beautiful, even in their muddy winter woolies, but in the summertime he just looks magnificent. He gains back the weight he lost in the winter, has a beautiful
                                            shiny coat and a spring in his step.

Once I get up the courage I'm going to contact her, but I know that she's probably so busy!

Here's her website and if you google her name, you can find soo many of her beautiful pics!

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