Monday, December 6, 2010

Jumping the Young Horse

So, I've started schooling Jetta over some jumps under saddle recently. She's doing great and we have been jumping about once a week over an approximately 18" cross rail about four-six times per session. I am continually impressed with how well Jetta has taken it in stride. I was interested in how I should progress for training her over jumps. Jetta is turned four in February this year and I started her under saddle at the beginning of June. I feel like we have the most basic skills down and we're ready to take it up a notch. I did a search about how high you should be jumping a young horse maximum and found that it was quite the debated topic. Many people say that you shouldn't jump until 5 or 6 when all of their bone plates are closed, not only in their knees, but also in their spine. This makes a lot of sense to me, but I think the general consensus that I found was that around 2'-2'6" jumped sparingly and done the right way is not too much for a four year old horse to handle.

I was planning on building up to 2'3" or 2'6" over the course of this month as Jetta finds the small cross rails we are doing so simple. I have free jumped her twice over some larger jumps and I think she seems to enjoy it as even when I asked her to stop and come into the middle of the arena, she trotted over the jump one last time before coming in. I don't want to cause future soundness issues in Jetta, so I want to go slow with her. I am not planning on jumping anything big or scary and I will only jump sparingly because I want both her soundness and confidence to remain intact. Jetta will be five in three months so I am thinking that my planned jumping work load shouldn't be too much for her to handle.

I was looking at shows that I could take Jetta to this year and I was surprised that very few shows have anything under 2'9" (as I am a beginner in the world of Hunter/Jumper Rated Shows) but did find classes for 4 and 5-year-olds that seemed really large. Hmm... Overall, though, what I got out of discussions is that you have to jump a horse correctly and don't do anything that is so big it scares your horse and try to jump sparingly so you save their joints.

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