Friday, December 31, 2010

Western Rider

This is almost exactly what Calvin looked like today,
 though I'm not sure I was sitting as pretty
as this guy. At least I didn't fall off!

I may have to buy a western pony :) I've just been having too much fun this week playing around on my trainer's horses. After my lesson on Monday, JF invited me to come back and ride a reining horse that she had in for a tune-up, knowing how much I love reining, even though I'm not very good at it. Yet. She was so much fun, we had some nice spins and sliding stops. She was a little rusty and out of shape, but it was FUN!

Today was sooo much more fun though. A friend of JF's, we'll call him DS, brought out one of his cow ponies for me to ride on cows. I loved it! It was awesome. I think I had a big grin plastered over my face the whole time. Calvin, the horse I rode, is the cutest little guy ever. He just looks like a little butterball, but looks can be deceiving.While doing flatwork he can be super lazy, once you start in on the cows he comes alive. I almost fell off! That is what the horn is for ;) It was so much fun, I just want to steal little Calvin. I'm sure I looked huge on him though, as he can't be taller than 15hh. I've ridden him several times before and I just love this little horse. This just showed me a whole other side to him.

I think I might have to make this a regular activity going out to chase cows on him. DS competes a bunch, and a local arena sometimes has sorting practice that would be a lot of fun to do. I used to go on Jazz and while she tried really hard, she's not much of a cow horse, especially when compared to Calvin.

This week was a good one, I think I rode more western than english! Someday I would love to buy a reining/cutting prospect and finish them myself. I've always dreamed of getting a liver chestnut gelding with a flaxen mane and tail, but really I would be happy with anything that had talent. I remember riding a little smoky black paint gelding out at JF's that was in training and he naturally had a fantastic stop and turn. Sigh... Maybe someday :) In the meantime I might have to play around with Jetta as a western pony, though I don't think that she'd really appreciate that, though over at Sprinkler Bandit, Izzy seems to be taking it pretty well :)

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