Tuesday, December 14, 2010

An Update!

I'm back! There wasn't really anything to write about so... But I rode Jetta today! She was very good, though a little fresh and spooky which was understandable because the weather was crazy! It was sunny one moment, then super windy, then pouring rain, then hail! Crazy. Anyways, we had a few minor spooks and after she got that out she then did very nicely. We had a few bucks at the canter transition, but I think she was just being a brat - "But I don't want to canter right here! I want to canter over there!" Other than that she did very good. We worked on doing some shouulder-ins at the walk which are coming along fantastically. At the trot I just asked for a shoulder-fore but she's trying really hard and we're getting a few nice steps every so often.

I also rode Katy, since ML and I are trading off riding the ponies. Katy is so different! Even though I started Katy under saddle and was riding her and Jetta at the same time, I just have forgotten how different Jetta and Katy are. Jetta is tall and sensitive, hyper and narrow. Katy is exactly the opposite. She's relatively short and wide, dull and lazy. We just worked on responding to my leg since she's gotten so dull to your aids, lots of squeeze, tap, go and repeat. Mostly she was very good and after the first few times she was like, "Ohh... It's YOU." And then she picked up the pace a bit :)

I can't wait to ride more! I forgot, but I meant to bring out my height/weight tape and see how tall the ponies have gotten but I forgot it. Next week. Does anyone use those anymore? My parents used to get them for free at the feed store and I couldn't find them anywhere. I finally found them in a tack store, but is was $6.00 (!) and it looked ancient. It was the only one they had. What else do people use? Does everyone have the fancy height sticks and then just eyeball their weight? Hmm, anyways, it was a good productive day.

On a random note, look at this saddle I found while browsing craigslist. Eeww! I'm not against treeless saddles at all, but this one is uuugly. Probably comfortable though...

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