Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I still want a pony!

Craigslist is not good, because though I am browsing for a nice inexpensive saddle, I tend to get distracted :) This cute little guy is for sale. I think he's so adorable!

And there's this sweetie. She's just sooo pretty and cute!

image 2068349308-0

Over at Three Days Three Ways Blog, there's a Thelwell Pony Look-A-Like Contest. Adorable! Personally I loved this pony. All that hair!

Sigh... My parents are looking into buying a house near the university that I can use and after I'm done my brother can have it. Preferably this place will have a tiny pasture and I can buy a pony to ornament it! My dad's not with the whole, let's buy a pony thing. He says I can get a goat to keep Grady company once I sell Jazz, so at least he's letting me get something... I doubt he'd even know the little guy was there though. It's not like they require a lot of feed, probably just the opposite: a tiny grazing muzzle!

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