Friday, December 3, 2010

Naming Horses

I love to name horses. I really do. With Jetta I was so excited to get to name her, she was registered as a foal with no name, so when I bought her I got to give her a registered name. Of course she was over 2 years old, so I had to pay $75, but it was worth it. Her sire is Private Gold and her dam is Step Away. I decided I wanted her barn name to be Jetta ( I actually got the idea from the VW Jetta car! ) and so I combined the names to be Gold Jet Away. The other option I came up with was Step Into Gold, but I wanted it to have her barn name in it as well. I love it when the horse's name reflects their dam and sire's name and includes their barn name. My other horse's names are Dustin's Dynasty (ick) and O'Grady Wyeast (double ick). The barn name for Dustin's Dynasty is Jasmine (where did that come from?) and O'Grady Wyeast is just Grady. Where does the word Wyeast even come from? Nothing I have ever found gives me an idea where that name comes from. At one time I owned Scribbles Apache Rose, out of Scrabbled Graffiti who was by Scribbles. I called her Apache or Patch for short, Rose just didn't fit her.

It's always funny to hear about horse's that have bad registered names. There are tons of forum discussions on the web, there are some pretty bad ones. Ones that I've heard the most about are TB's with the registered name of Sofa King Fast, Master Bates and Hoof Hearted (say them really fast out loud). I was surprised that they made it in, sometimes the JC can be picky about the names and they won't let you register a horse with a name that has a bad word or reference in it.

Some of the horse names that I love and would like to incorporate into my future horses' names are or have seen on horses are:

Elusive Melody,
Citrus Splash,
Gilded Elegance,
Simple Perfection,
Starlit Renegade,
Finely A Star,
Blazing Invitation,
Lookn Classic,
Royal Gossip,

A Masked Asset is the perfect name for this stallion.

If anyone every has a problem naming their horse, let me know! I really do enjoy it. There was one time on Behind the Bit when they were trying to think of a name for a horse. I really liked Blue Tsunami or Blue Ocean Rose, but she ended up choosing Indigo Whisperer (which wasn't bad). If you are stuck naming your horse, here are some great guidelines.

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