Wednesday, March 12, 2014


It's so sunny out! I LOVE IT. I'm so incredibly happy when it's nice and sunny out. The only downside being that I don't want to go to class or stay inside and study, I just want to go outside and ride!

Tuesday I planned a trail ride with the monster pony. I woke up and it was foggy and cold outside but luckily by the time that I got to the barn and cleaned, it was all burned off and absolutely gorgeous out. We went solo, which is usually fine for Miss Monster.

She was actually good! She was quite snorty and prancy all the way to and on the trailer. I put her hind hoof boots on because last time the farrier was out she said her hind hooves were getting too worn down from trail riding in only front boots. Of course the boots I bought for her back hooves wouldn't fit because she's due for a trim, so I put the front boots on the back hooves and they magically fit! Luckily she was very sound with her fronts on the gravel too, so I didn't have to worry about that.

The main issue I had with her was pretty much just having her stand tied at the trailer while I put her polo wraps on. She was being such a brat about getting her hind legs wrapped... Eventually I got them all done and we headed out. She was fine over the bridge and immediately wanted to trot so I didn't bicker with her and just let her go and pick her pace. She picked out such an amazing extended trot. Geez, I wish I could figure out how to get that in the show arena! Eventually she decided that "Hmm, trotting like this uphill is really hard... maybe I should slow down?" And settled into a nice easy trot on a loose rein. I'm liking this!

We reached the narrow trail that winds up the hill in about 10 minutes or less, when it usually takes us 30 minutes at the walk on Misty. We walked past the point where we normally stop and found this really neat trail that wound through the trees. No one was out, which was surprising because even on a weekday morning we usually run into a mountain biker or dog walker or two. The downside of the little trail was super steep but the nice thing about Jetta is that she's very careful downhill.

We popped out of the trees onto a main road so we turned around and retraced our steps. I let Jetta pick her pace again and she decided that a canter was what she wanted to do... up the crazy steep and switch-back trail. I let her go, ready to ask her to slow to a more reasonable speed if necessary.

I always say this horse will never make a pole bender due to her tendency to run through the trees, but geeze she sure can get down and around those tight turns on the trail! She was really digging in and making those turns even without my input. I was impressed!

Eventually we did lose a boot in the mud (I was not surprised and couldn't really blame the boot) so I had to get off and fix it. She was good standing while I put it back on, despite trying to kick me (I mean, you can't be completely obedient all the time, right?) and we walked the rest of the way back to the trailer. Well, save for jumping a big log that was blocking a trail off limits. I just had to pop over that a couple times, which she did without a second thought! And this is the horse that thinks logs are scary.

Just a beautiful day

So that was really nice to have a good ride on Jetta. She's been absolutely atrocious in the arena so maybe we need some more outside time before we focus on doing dressage.

Also, some adorable pictures of Misty. She has decided that around noon is her naptime and she is not pleased when you interrupt her nap. So grumpy.

Just as I went to clean her stall, she lays down.

"I'm sleeping!"

I just love annoying her :)

She's so cute when she's mad!


  1. I feel like there's nothing better than seeing your horse laying down napping!!!!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful day in the sun!