Friday, March 21, 2014


So happy to be done with this term. Not that next term is really going to get any better... but at least I have a week off to hopefully catch up on sleep and have some fun, get lots of pony time in, etc.

Just can't get enough of this weather!

Tuesday was just too nice out not to ride. I couldn't resist, so I dressed Misty up in her western clothes and hopped on her in the outdoor arena. After warming up in the snaffle, I finally tried out the curb bit on her. I've never ridden her in a curb, but I've seen multiple photos of her ridden in one with previous owners, so I was hoping she knew what it was all about...

After a little bit of mouthing "What did you just put in my mouth?!" she settled right down and knew exactly what was happening. Well there's our neck reining!

Official western pony

Besides being quite spunky to begin with (Misty: "Wheeee!") kicking up her heels every time I asked for some more speed in the canter, or a flying change or just because, she eventually settled down and we had a lot of fun doing a little bit of reining work. I definitely need to get some more video because she's improved a ton since the first video I have of her doing a reining pattern. Sliding stops need some refreshing, but otherwise the spins have improved oodles, flying changes are still there if a bit too enthusiastic, circles are fair but we still tend to make funky shaped ones to the right, our jog trot has basically disappeared... But overall better. And SO MUCH FUN.

Today was another fun day. Cleaned stalls, gave both girls a really good grooming, lunged Jetta and then rode Misty. I tacked her up in her western clothes again. She was super touchy when I got on but eventually settled down. I might need to switch to a softer curb with shorter shanks, but we'll see.

Spunky McSpunkerton

She's figuring out how to go fast, but we still need to work on making a clearer distinction between our lope and fast canter. Flying changes were super smooth today. After a little bit, I noticed a flag in the corner. Ooh, let's play with that! I hopped off to pick it up and Misty decided to high-tail it out of there, because flags are SCARY. Luckily as soon as she exited the barn, she stopped and looked like "What do I do now?" so I could easily catch her. We marched back into the arena and after some initial snorting and minor spooking, she eventually figured out that the flag wasn't that bad.

I was able to get on her and walk and trot around carrying the flag. She didn't mind it rustling around or brushing her rump, but we didn't push it. Next time maybe we can canter and see if the snapping sound bothers her. Gosh I love this horse. She is just too much fun!

Future drill pony?

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  1. Gah I wish I was still in school! So much better than the real world. Glad she's doing well.

    I was just about to ask why you would use a western curb like that when you rode western if you use a snaffle when you ridd English... I'm no expert just curious