Sunday, March 9, 2014

In The Way

Geez, school sure does get in the way of horse stuff, doesn't it? I'm sad to say that I've ridden twice over the past week.

I had a wonderful ride on Jetta on Tuesday (note the sarcasm). It was truly enjoyable (still sarcastic). She isn't off anymore (luckily?) and she's a giant pill.

Bet you didn't know Jetta was part dog, huh? First time trying to upload an instagram video... it came out weird:

She spent about half an hour sniffing the ground trying to decide if she wanted to roll or not.

Anyways. Friday it was absolutely glorious out weather-wise. A nice break in the downpour that we've been having so I decided to be very irresponsible and not do homework, instead spending all my time outside. I just couldn't resist! AC and I took the ponies for a trail ride and they were very good.

Don't think it can get any prettier!

Misty is shedding a TON, while Jetta is just barely starting. I thought Misty was almost done, but she decided that with the recent increase in temperatures, that she needed to prove me wrong. Her neck is all slicked out but the rest of her is still molting an alarming amount of hair. I seriously didn't think she had grown this much fur for the winter!

Definitely spring time!
Misty says "Yay no more blankets!"

Next day... so filthy

Still trying to decide what to do this month and next event-wise. I decided not to go out of state for cross country clinic next weekend unfortunately :( But hopefully xc schooling will happen soon! I am going to a tack sale though next weekend which I'm super excited for. And I haven't decided on whether or not to take Misty to a recognized show in California the first weekend of April. I'm very tempted, but I don't know about missing school/work for it. We shall see!


  1. My boy has barely grown any hair, of course he decides to keep a summer coat in the worst winter we've had. :/ It's 60 degrees one day and 20 the next, he's not shedding at all. I'm jealous, haha!

  2. Miles isn't shedding at all yet! I'm jealous

  3. I like it when they shed out, but at the same time I hate it! I'm ready for them to hurry up and be done!