Monday, March 17, 2014

Tack Sale Goodies

First off, if you haven't seen this blog post by Jenj, you need to read it. I don't know how I missed it a while ago, but I just somehow ran across it again and I love it! So great.

I always love sharing my tack sale goodies. And I had a pretty good sale this weekend! Things I found:
  • Fly sheet - a Schneider's fly sheet (seriously my favorite, I probably won't ever buy another because I love them so). Not exactly the same one that I already own that I got at this same sale two years ago brand new for $15. That one's a 75" with a neck cover and buckle front. This one is closed front and a 76" with no neck cover. It has a couple tears in the chest that should be easily fixed. Another $15 buy.
  • Loose ring happy mouth bit, brand new
  • Anne Kursinki's jumping clinic book - a dollar buy!
  • Elastic side reins
  • 70" Baker stable sheet for Misty

perfect fit!

Misty kind of raked in the goodies at this sale! She wasn't that impressed though and I think Jetta was kind of jealous, though I didn't tell her she got something too (admittedly a flysheet isn't that exciting) I also had a list of things to buy for a friend, I only ended up finding her a nice swallowtail dressage pad and some white fullseat breeches. I was bummed that I didn't find a cheap, fairly good quality western headstall since I really need one, but oh well. It was a good haul!

I definitely didn't need the baker sheet but I found it at $15 (there were actually multiples, I found a stable blanket and another sheet also super cheap!) and was trying to decide if I should get it as a sheet for her to wear at shows to stay clean since I don't have any sheets. One of the volunteers at the booth walked up and tried to get me to buy it for $10 and I just couldn't resist. I was slightly worried it wouldn't fit as a 70". Lazy me, I've never actually measured Misty. She just got all the hand-me-down blankets that were 75" and I knew they were a bit too big, so I thought she was probably a 72".

Overall, it was a nice study break for some retail therapy as I head into finals week!


  1. She looks adorable in the baker!

    1. Thanks! Kind of wishing I had gotten one for Jetta too - matching ponies! But the one I found in her size was $35 and I'm so cheap... I mean, they do sell for $115 new though!

  2. Replies
    1. Haha, thanks! That she definitely does. She could be a hair model ;)

  3. Nice haul! And the Baker looks great on her! Glad you enjoyed the Tack Swap parody. ;)

  4. I like Ak's book a lot hope you like it too!