Monday, February 11, 2013

Pretty Girl

First of all, we got confirmation for our show entry! It's only 13 days away! So excited...

Anyways, today Jetta got her toes trimmed so I just lunged her so I wouldn't make her sore like last time. Also, for your enjoyment some pictures of her cleaned up self and her new "hairdo" which is as always akin to a mohawk. What can I say, my horse thinks she's pretty cool ;)

All trimmed up

Big ears

New 'do - it's growing back in where I accidentally shaved it off so it doesn't want to lay flat, not that it ever does...

Trying to show how sporty her shorter tail looks and failing...

Trimmed toes!

You can better see how short I did her tail, usually I only trim it to the fetlocks, this time it's mid-cannon bone. I like it!