Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sunny Day Jaunt

I had a pretty good ride on Jetta today, but the best part was the weather!!

Sunny and 56 degrees = warm enough to ride in a t-shirt! After our ride I took Jetta outside to graze in the sun and soak up some vitamin D and it was glorious. I miss the sun.

I just sat on Jetta for a good 40 minutes while she nommed then decided I wasn't going to get off anytime soon so I put her bridle back on and we took a quick jaunt across the road to the weigh station just for fun. While I would love to ride down the road, despite being a country road in the middle of nowhere, there's A LOT of big trucks that go through so I don't think it's very safe.

But we did get to at least do a mini "trail ride" across the street and weighed ourselves :) Such dorks, I think Jetta and I go well together. I definitely didn't want to leave the barn today!

Can't really see it in this pictures, but I guess we weigh 1300lbs together!

Not a bad way to spend Valentine's day - just me and my girl in the warm sunshine!


  1. Mmmm warm weather riding.. still waiting for that to happen by me!

  2. That sounds so nice! Even when it's warm out, I'm stuck in the office until dark.