Friday, February 8, 2013


I finally succumbed to getting sick. And it has not been fun.

I pretty much got instantly sick on Wednesday morning - no warning or other symptoms, just woke up with a fever, major muscle soreness and a sore throat. I didn't go to any of my classes that day...

Which also means that I didn't ride. Yesterday I felt good enough to go to my one class then went back to bed. Just walking to class was so draining. Still didn't get to see the pony.

Today, I feel a lot better. I made it to all three of my classes without feeling like I was going to pass out on the sidewalk (always a bonus). And after taking a nap I'm going to go see the monster mare!

I was hoping to get to consistently ride the mare all this week since we have a lesson with KB on Sunday, but I am planning on riding both today and tomorrow, plus getting there early for a long warmup will help. I still need to finish pulling her mane which is way too long and get her goat beard and bridle path all trimmed up so she will at least look pretty if not well behaved.

Also, I sent in our entry for a show! Probably one of the earliest I've ever sent in, 10 days before the closing date, so I hope we get in, I haven't received confirmation yet. We are planning on doing Training 3 and First 1 so it will definitely be interesting...

Wish me luck with the monster pony today! I may just lunge her for an hour before I ride so I don't die, lol.

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