Saturday, February 16, 2013

Shopping spree!

So excited. So after selling Tux I got a portion of his sale price for his training and what-not so I get to go shopping!

Well, not really a spree per-say since I only bought two things but they were big purchases!

First of all - new boots. I've had my tall boots for seven years at least and while they're still in pretty near perfect condition they don't really fit anymore. Actually, they never did fit. The lady at the tack store who measured me told me to get extra slim, extra tall. Aaand they've always been too slim. I've had them stretched multiple times but I still can't zip them up all the way if I want to maintain my circulation. At the time I thought they'd stretch and I needed them to show so...

Anyways, new boots! Introducing the De Niro Leuca's:

I really wanted a side zip because my boots rub the back of my ankle even with thick socks so I'm excited for these. I really wanted to get La Mundial boots but since they won't be in my state until September and they take three months minimum I decided I couldn't wait. But if I don't like the De Niro's I'm going to get the Mundial's for sure.

They should be here by Friday :)

And I almost got some new schooling boots that would fit me so I could get rid of my old Ariat's. I found these used brown Mundial's on ebay (LOVE brown boots!) but I got outbid :( They would have been perfect too - they even had the right measurements! I keep hoping they might turn up again on ebay...

Aren't they gorgeous?! I envy the person who won them...

Second purchase - a navy Pikeur skarlett jacket with a black velvet collar. I love the washable fabric trend since I'm too lazy to take my coats to the dry cleaner plus they're a lot cooler for summer shows. And I like the shorter length just because. So excited! Now all my show jumping tack will match - blue jacket, blue pad and blue elastic breastplate. This will probably take a while to get since I ordered from the UK through Amira Equi because they're less than half the cost of the US retailers. And they're manafactured at 8 to 10 week intervals so I'm hoping to at least have it for the Inavale HT.

 Tack (well, show clothing) whoring for the win!

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  1. Jelly! Can't wait to hear how you like the boots!