Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Year in Review

Wow, this has been quite a year. This is why I love having a blog because I can easily look back over the year and see what we've done.


We moved to a new barn after deciding I'd had enough of the old barn. Much better atmosphere at the new one and Jetta got turned out (albeit in an incredibly muddy paddock) but she was happier and we got her nasty bucking behavior dealt with. 

Lovebirds at the new barn


Didn't do much this month and I was actually rather bored. No shows in sight and I was lacking in motivation...

Lack of motivation = this monstrosity of a set up


Not a whole lot happening this month either. I continued to work with Tux (then called Colton) and took a couple lessons from TS which were really great.


Jetta came up with an abcess and we had to scratch from our dressage show that we had entered and I was super bummed. This month was Jetta's birthday and we celebrated almost 4 years together! I had my first ride on Tuxedo and I found Step Away's (Jetta's dam) owner who happened to have a picture of baby Jetta!

Cutest baby ever!


Cross country schooling finally opened up. We went schooling with friends and Jetta dumped me over a jump. First time I had ever fallen off Jetta and first time falling off over a jump. We went to a great clinic for show jumping and cross country that really boosted our confidence.

Ready to do some cross country!


We went to a one day horse trial and Jetta did fairly well, despite being eliminated on cross country. But it was fun and I was proud of her! We didn't get to compete at our usual recognized event, but I helped out in the vet box so it was still a fun weekend. I continued to ride Tux and he kept improving!

Looking fancy and pulling off a second place in dressage!


I went to a H/J show and Jetta was awesome. She wasn't as push-button as a lot of the other horses but she blew me out of the water with how well she behaved and how she took everything in stride (literally). I was planning on taking both Jetta and Tux to a league dressage show but ML's horse who was staying at my place appeared to have strangles (it wasn't) so we ended up scratching. And I left for my trip to Costa Rica!

Such a good pony!


I got back from Costa Rica and started looking for barns to board at for the upcoming school year and unfortunately didn't get my first pick. But I did get a fancy (for me) new trailer!



Back in the saddle! I took Tux on his first trail ride to the horse park, Jazz came home from her lessor, and I entered a dressage schooling show with Tux which was subsequently canceled but after all that work getting Tux clean, we still took pretty pictures.

My favorite pic of him


I had a lesson with TS where I rode Jazz in the double bridle and it was awesome :) I found her a new lessor and she left for the next six months. For my birthday I got to go ride on the beach so I took Tux. It was a fun ride but I cannot believe how lost we got! I moved Tux up to the barn at school so I could ride him more.


Both horses got clipped, I had a lesson with a new trainer which I did not enjoy, I audited a dressage clinic with a top trainer which was fun, and took a jumping lesson with KO which was helpful as usual. I started cleaning stalls at the barn to pay for Tux's board.



I finally, finally made it to a dressage show. Tux did amazing and I was so proud of him, despite being bucked off :) I survived my finals all with good grades (whew) and went to play on the Mountain trail course with Tux.

All in all, an interesting year. Definitely didn't get to do everything I hoped, but it was still good. Hopefully this next year will be even better!


  1. A slow year to start but a good year overall!

  2. You are so clean in every photo - I tip my hat to you!

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  4. Haha, Carrot Top: pictures hide a lot! I'm usually the one envying those who manage to stay clean since I am usually filthy, lol.