Wednesday, December 26, 2012

After the Holidays

Christmas happenings - It was an eventful couple of days!

Jetta demolished her blanket just in time for me to put her newly washed and waterproofed medium weight blankie on. 

My mom calls me from the street: "Your horse is sunning her butt. Go fix her blanket."

My cat Chloe was thrilled with her gifts, some cat grass and a couple mouse toys. She immediately started chowing down on the grass which I thought was pretty funny.

The horses' gift - the largest bowl of bran mash ever. Soda can for scale :)

The horses were quite excited. Nom, nom, nom, nom...

My favorite gift is my parents paying for a three day jumping clinic that starts tomorrow with KO! I'm excited :) Now let's hope that Jetta behaves herself...


  1. Sounds awesome!!! Who's KO? Sorry if that's a dumb question haha.

  2. KO is an eventing trainer that comes from out of state once a month for lessons at a local barn and I love her training style. She's a top level rider and I always learn a lot from her :)