Monday, December 10, 2012

Trail Horse Deluxe

I took Tux to the indoor trail course today and he was SO GOOD. I was actually very surprised, he has crossed bridges and water before, but never in this sort of set up where it's all crammed into an arena.

He did everything I pointed him at - the big bridge, the bridges without rails that were suspended over ditches (slightly worrying), the wobbly suspension bridge, the two different ponds and the skinny narrow water, all the ditches, the logs and pretty much everything else! So proud of him :) Let's see, he is obviously a great trail horse, a pretty fancy dressage horse and he can jump too! (Pictures of the jumping will come soon).

And in case anyone is interested, he is officially listed for sale...

Have some pictures!!

Wobbly suspension bridge that wiggled with every step

Skinny water obstacle

We're in the mountains! Lol.

"I loves the water"


This had water underneath the pond liner so it was squishy and funky looking


  1. That is such a cool trail course!!! :)

  2. That is so cool! I have never heard of anything like that in the UK. It looks really fun!

  3. Indoor trail courses are so cool. Sort of reminds me of indoor eventing... looks like Tux had a good time!

  4. Yeah, it is super fun and neat how they put it all in one arena, trees and water obstacles included! And Jenj, it does sort of remind me of indoor eventing too! I would love to try that someday...

  5. Oregon Horse Center, Right?

    I was sad not to get down there this fall.. but the mares are going in the spring. No buts about it.

  6. Yep! Maybe I'll see you there in the spring, I'm going to take Jetta to that one, I'd love to meet the P's!

  7. What an AWESOME course... wow... I need one. Gorgeous horse too :)