Sunday, December 9, 2012

In the Saddle Again

First ride back! I haven't ridden Jetta in AGES it feels like. I missed it! After I got all the stalls cleaned it was her turn. I splurged (retail therapy during finals, what can I say?) and got a little thing for each horse. Jetta got these awesome CWD boots. I am in love with them. Ebay for $50 how could I refuse? They are just lovely and barely even used, they are not even all the way broken in!

She was pretty good. I decided not to lunge in the interest of time and was glad I didn't have a fire-breathing dragon on my hands, but after a long warm up at the walk she was just fine. A little fidgety and heavy in the bridle but not too bad for having such a long time off.

Cutest face

In love with these!

Tux was next and he was awesome as usual. I'm working on introducing shoulder-in and haunches-in and he's doing great so far. It's only at the walk but soon we'll start doing it at the trot. Haunches-in is definitely harder for him but he's still surprisingly good at it. His present was a new leather halter. It fits perfectly and he looks fancy in it with the black leather and silver hardware. I got him a warmblood size and it fits perfect. Felt good to be back on my horses today!

Handsome and uncooperative looking :)

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  1. Aww love the halter, I love leather ones because they last for years!