Monday, December 17, 2012

Gift Ideas

This post is a little late in the month for buying gifts (I can't believe that Christmas is only 8 days away!) but in case anyone is having trouble finding a last minute gift for that horsey someone (or *cough* me *cough*), here are some ideas:

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I posted about these shirts from Dapplebay a while ago and I am in love with mine still. Can't go wrong with a horse themed shirt, especially one that is discipline specific!


Along the lines of horsey clothing that I am in love with, but have not yet bought a shirt from (I'm planning on it!) is OTTB.T's run by fellow blogger Kristen. While Jetta is technically not an OTTB because she never raced, I can overlook that technicality for one of these cute shirts. She also makes cute jackets too!

Tshirt  ---"I luv/ride/run OTTB"---

Another great stocking stuffer would be a Herm Sprenger hole punch. They have some of the best reviews out there, and my cheaper hole punches always seem to get worn out in a year or so. Plus, get it through SmartPak and they can engrave your name on it so no one will ever "borrow" it and then forget who it belongs to!

A browband is also a perfect item for the stocking. I am loving that browbands with black crystals are becoming more popular in the show ring for dressage as they're very understated but super pretty. Enter At A makes very pretty browbands that aren't outrageously priced.

I also have my eye on this Newmarket fleece throw blanket. Perfect for auditing clinics in the winter time and who wouldn't want to match their horse?

I think these photo stall guards made by Deco Pony are such a great idea! I can't wait until I have that perfect picture of Jetta to use, they sure are snazzy!

Photo Show Stall Guard for your Hunter, Jumper, Eventer or Dressage Partner.

 I have always wanted to try these Ecolicious products - they sound amazing and are environmentally friendly. They have some neat products like coconut scented mane and tail detangler, waterless shampoo and more!

Kate (over at The Adventures of Lucy) is a very talented artist and makes beautiful custom hand painted saddle pads, in addition to adorable horse ornaments! It's a bit too late to order these most likely, but definitely keep them in mind next year or for any other gift giving occasion. I can't get over how cute a Tuxedo or Jetta ornament would look on the tree!

These Moss saddle soaps sound amazing. Citrus, lavendar, vanilla or rose scented saddle soap? Sign me up!


Another unique gift that I've been eyeballing is a custom paper cut portrait by Niamh. These are so amazing. I think my favorites have to be the one of Klein and the one of Kiki. Great keepsake gift and she does pets too!

If you're looking for more last minute gift ideas, take a look at the Dappled Grey Holiday Guide and the Horse Holiday Coupon Book.

Looking at all of these things, look how many bloggers make them! Such a talented bunch :)


  1. Awesome post. If I wasn't a master procrastinator I would have considered some of them! I did order a saddle pad from Kate though! She is so talented!

  2. oh my goodness that stall guard is awesome!

  3. Karley - I know right?! What a good idea - it sure makes stall guards way cooler.

  4. Hi everyone! I'm the Deco Pony founder & creator of the Snazzy Custom Photo Stall Guards! Thanks for the love & thanks "owner of this Blog" for choosing my product as a Gift recommendation! SO fun to see! Be sure to "like" us on facebook & spread the word... because we have deals & GIVEAWAYS every once in awhile! It looks like the Blogger lives in the Northwest, based on some of the photos ;-) So does Deco Pony & we sponsor Hunter/Jumper Shows, Horse Trials & 3 Day Events in the area.... hope to see you out there! ~ Jenn