Saturday, December 8, 2012

Cat Is My Copilot

Getting back in action now that finals are over! Can't tell you how relieved I am that this term is done. So. Much. Stress. Anyways, I have not yet been back on either horse yet since I've been so busy cleaning stalls and with other plans and what not. But tomorrow is go time!

Thought I'd share this though. I've mentioned the barn cat at my barn a couple times. I have a major soft spot for white cats since "my" first cat was white with blue eyes and he was "supposed" to be blind and deaf, but he wasn't. He was basically my shadow. Anywho, enter white cat at the barn who coincidentally goes by the same name of Snowball, though recently he has been dubbed "my cat".

You know how you always see those bumper stickers that say "Dog is my copilot"? I want one for my cat!! So wish I could bring this guy home, he is the sweetest thing ever. I am currently teaching him to ride the four-wheeler with me and it is the cutest thing. He sits on the four wheeler while I clean the stall, then he has his "spot" that he sits while I drive. Totally adorable. He is also taking quite well to riding on my shoulders while I sweep or walk to get shavings. And the other day while I was unhooking the trailer he hopped in the truck and calmly sat on the center console while I parked, he was totally content to be there.

"I demand to be petted"

"Can we go yet?"

Just chilling


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  2. SO CUTE!!!! I can't wait to ride either, I have mid-terms Tuesday! lol