Monday, December 3, 2012

It's Show Time - Part 2

Part 1

So where did we leave off yesterday? Oh yes, Tux was bucking me off. Anyways, I was walking him out of the ring on a loose rein and he gave to biggest buck of his life and I had no reins to collect him so he took off cantering and bucking and I went flying. I think he was testing me - "You think you have a good seat? Let's test that out!" Yeah. So of course everyone saw that lovely stunt, the consensus was that the train that went right past the barn blew its horn and that must of spooked him. Regardless, what a good way to have all your confidence squashed, right? I worked with him for a couple minutes on the ground until he was paying better attention to me instead of surroundings and then we went back to the trailer.

We had quite a while till our next test so I spent it memorizing Training test 2 and making sure that I wouldn't mess up again. I decided to put my spurs on so I'd have a little more oomph because I knew Tux's energy was kind of petering out. He warmed up just fine, no indication of wanting to buck whatsoever. We were first up for our class and it went very well. I could definitely feel his energy dying on me and a Training level test has never felt so long when you're trying to push your horse through it. But we nailed our leads, geometry was great and no spooking! I was so proud of him, it was just a nice test.

We had a long while to wait since there was nine people in our class so we walked along the galloping track around the tiny cross country field. I can't wait to come back in the spring for shows! They have all sorts of jumping, dressage and eventing schooling shows and I have never gotten to go to one so I will definitely try this next year! Tux got unsaddled and his hay (he was happy) and I went and hung out in the warm club room to wait for the results.

This barn is so nice - it's very old but still very well maintained. Everyone was great and I met quite a few super nice people to chat with. Tux is quite the conversation starter! One lady offered to trade her pony for Tux (I probably would have done it, he was freaking adorable) and one person was telling me about how she's shopping for a Gyspy so I told her Tux was for sale and she took my number. There was a big bowl of carrots for the horses and chocolates for the riders in the show office. It was just a great, laid back atmosphere. I watched the last rider go and thought she nailed it - she'd probably get first. She was riding a cute drafty looking chocolate colored gelding and they had a really smooth test. I was crossing my fingers for at least a second place ribbon to complete our collection (a first, second and third place would not have been too shabby).

They finally put out the placing and lo and behold, we were first! I was very surprised. We ended up with a 71.25% and I could not have been happier. My baby was all grown up! We got all 7's for the most part - three sixes in the movements towards the end when he was "sluggish" (judge's words). And an 8 for our stretchy trot! How awesome is that?! Collective marks were all 7/7.5 save for impulsion which got a 6.5 understandably. Comments were "Totally cute pair. Good job! Watch that the tempo doesn't slow. Great stretch out. Nice ride."

What a fantastic way to end the day. Tux got his well-deserved carrot (for the most part), it only took us 5 minutes to load up this time and we made it back to the barn with no mishaps. Today, I'm still feeling a bit sore from my unplanned dismount. I thought I threw out my lower back but that feels fine, instead I've got a bit of whiplash so I can barely move my neck and I bashed my nose into his neck coming off so the bridge of my nose is bruised. All in all, it could have been worse and I'm rather proud of him minus the buck!

No pictures of our rides unfortunately. Of course, after I collected my last test I found out there was a videographer that you could sign up for to video your test. I wish I had known that earlier! Disappointed, but I guess now I know that I'll have to make sure to ask if there's a photographer or videographer when I check in! Of course, I brought my camera and it was all charged and everything. The plan was to have someone take pictures that I randomly recruited, but somehow I managed to forget the memory card. Fail. But have some cell phone pics!

A well deserved roll once we got home


  1. Congrats on your test!! Your horse is so cute! :) I love that last picture.

  2. Aww well done, great result! He looks so cute on the bottom photo!