Monday, December 12, 2011

Trail Champ?

Well, we won't be trail champions anytime soon, but we had a bit of fun on the trail course. ML and I went together, she rode her new horse Spider, a QH that she's leasing.

I finished finals on Thursday - YES!! Freedom! I'm so looking forward to a relaxing month off of school. I'll hopefully be working lots though and riding Jetta as well as playing with Colton. So we had Friday to go play on the trail course. You had to pay $25 for an hour, which really isn't long enough! Jetta was instantly scared-stiff when we went into the arena. Talk about a sensory overload! I lead her through the first little hill with logs and such just to let her get a feel for it, though I definitely feel better on her back as I don't want to get run over by my oversized scare-dy cat!

It was funny because I'd forgotten how Jetta thinks logs are scary. In my book, logs are like the easiest obstacle on the trail course. Ahaha, Jetta did not agree. But by the end, logs were the least of her worries.

We never made it into the water unfortunately, though a nice man offered to let us follow him through, but Jetta was not into following in the water! I discovered that ditches are the most terrifying thing ever, definitely reason to try to run away without paying attention to the surroundings, aka tripping and flailing all over the place. Bridges are no problem, though I don't even want to try a suspension bridge in the near future because of Miss Clumsy...

Step-Ups are fine, scary props are fine, the nasty, stinky cowhide was fine. Most horses won't even go near the cow hide, but Jetta waltzed right up to it. It's on a pulley, so during competition you have to pull it up to eye level, which 90% of horses think is terrifying. Jetta stood right next to it and messed with the rope that was dangling, nuzzling and nibbling it and swinging it around with her nose, lol. Too cute. I didn't want to ruin the moment by trying to lift the cow hide.

Didn't really get that many pics, but here's the few that we did:

Climbing hills in the wilderness.

Chillin' on the bridge

The view from the top... of the step up.

Followin' the trail

Look where we made it to!

Lots and lots of logs.

ML and Spider!

Showing off their skillz

Good pony.


  1. That looks like awesome fun!!

    Congrats on finishing your finals. Hope you have a good break.

  2. You are so lucky to be done finals! I had my first one yesterday and don't finish until the 19th. Yuck!

    That trail arena looks awesome! I want to try it now, although I'm sure Scarface would find something to be terrified of. He's scared of indoor arenas he's never been to, even if they're empty!

  3. I think that place looks so cool. I'd love to be able to take my horses there and putter around. All those awesome trail obstacles in one place!