Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Pony

I dressed Colton up and took pictures! He was so adorable throughout the whole process, wanting to sniff every object I pulled out to decorate him with.

I sent a picture into Eventing Nation - fingers crossed! I would love to win that vest :) Of course now that I've already sent in a picture, I feel like people probably went way more out than I did and I'm thinking, "Oh, I should have done that. Oh! Or maybe something like that! Ooh, I wish I had done something like that..." It's too late now though. We'll just have to see how I measure up to everyone else (if I make it on the website!)

And thank you to my dad who probably thinks I'm crazy but he still held the pony for me while I snapped photos :)

Here you go! My Christmas Pony:

This is the one I actually sent in.

Yep. Definitely thinking I should have gone more all out. But hey - he's still pretty darn cute! Promise you'll vote for me if I make it on Eventing Nation?