Saturday, December 17, 2011

In Which I Oil My Car Seats

So I oiled my car seats and it was not intentional. And I do not have leather car seats...

I brought home my tack cleaning gear so I could clean some tack here at home. I thought I secured the top on the bottle of oil, but apparently not. My car is always a disaster, I look like I live in my car, so between shuffling through stuff to find something or make room for people, the bottle got upended and the car seat completely absorbed the whole bottle...

Luckily, it's not super noticable that my seat is now oiled, lol. There's a faint waterline to the edges and some of the pieces of tack that I was supposed to clean and were sitting on the seat magically oiled themselves. I guess I did want them to be a darker brown (!) and I didn't even have to do any work. Nothing else was ruined by it and your butt doesn't get coated in oil when you sit down, for which I'm very thankful! Definitely a good lesson to always double check to make sure bottles are completely closed. I won't be doing that again for a while!

And as a side note:

I'm in love with GetMyFix. They are always having contests :) So, for everyone in need of a new hunt coat, they are giving away a semi-custom Hayward Hunt Coat! While I did just get a new coat for my b-day, it's more of a dressage coat and I think a navy coat would be perfect on Jetta for show jumping to go with her blue elastic on the Antares breastplate.

Still nothing on the Eventing Nation contest... But I'll keep checking it!

Other than that, I've really got nothing going on. Going through pony withdrawals already and I can't wait to go see Jetta on Monday!

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