Friday, December 16, 2011


Finally got out to ride Jetta today! And she was pretty good. She's had the last three (three!) days off so I expected her to be a hyper brat but she was actually pretty good. I free lunged her so she could blow off any steam, but she didn't really have any...

Non-exciting trot picture. She still looks so sporty with her clip!

I tacked her up in dressage tack. She was so good! Our trot-canter transitions were awesome. We did two in each direction and they were like butter. So smooth, no bracing or rushing. Exactly how they're supposed to be like. Even with currently being in heat, thus her sides are extra sensitive, she's not kicking out or resenting my leg. Though it does make our leg yeilds a little easier :) I figured out a while ago that I couldn't ask for a canter by moving my outside leg back. That fell on Jetta's non-negotiable do not like list. I had a clinician once tell me not to cue with my outside leg back on mares when I was riding Jazz. Jazz didn't care. Jetta definitely does! Knowing Jetta, I'm not sure how long these great transitions are to stay, they may be gone the next time I ride but it was so nice for today!

Well, I don't have much to write... not a whole lot going on. I'm going to clean out all of the weeds out of the round pen this weekend so I can start teaching Colton to lunge. I'm sure he's going to love that! But we need to start working off some of that tubby belly, lol.

And speaking of Colton, Eventing Nation hasn't posted anything about the contest so far, even though I've checked the site like 20 times today... I'm not obsessive or anything ;) I just really want that vest! So hopefully I at least get past the preliminary choices. Sigh, maybe tomorrow.

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