Thursday, December 22, 2011

Mare on a Mission

I went on an interesting trail ride today!

I lunged Jetta first. Yesterday she was being a complete brat. Her new evasion is to stop and turn towards me - her way of saying "I'm done". When I tried to send her off in one direction or another she'd rear. Like allll of the way up. Bad, bad pony. Not ok. So we got that fixed today, I lunged in the halter versus the bridle which was really helpful and she decided it was a lot easier to do as I say ;)

We headed out to the trails to meet MC, the lady that's leasing Jazz. I miss Jazz so much! But I'm so glad that she has such a nice leaser (sp?) who absolutely adores her. MC knew of a trail that was close to both of us, so we were basically able to meet halfway to ride together.

It started out very lovely with some rare winter sunshine peeking through the clouds. We were going to go on a loop that was supposed to take an hour. We kept going, and going, and going. Finally we admitted that we were lost and turned around and went back the way we came! Overall it was a 2 and a half hour ride. So much for that one hour loop!

Jetta was super, super well-behaved. MC was surprised that she was a 5 year old Thoroughbred with how calmly she took it all in. She traveled like a mare on a mission - head down, loose rein and just went. No spooking, no being a looky-lou. The trails are all graveled so there was no mud and both Jazz and Jetta's hooves handled the rocks well, save for a small section with larger rocks that was a bit ouchy. I can't wait to go back in warmer weather because by the end the freezing fog had moved in and I was frozen solid. It took the hour long drive home (for me, not to the barn where Jetta is) to defrost! Brrr. Overall, a fun day and I'm excited to finally know of a local trail system that we can ride horses on. I can't wait to go back.

Pictures are refusing to be uploaded, so I'll so that later :)

And don't forget to vote on my picture (#3 Amber)! Today's the last chance - voting ends at 12pm EST. I would really love to win this - best Christmas present ever! I could never in a million years afford this vest currently and I like the idea of having more protection for Jetta's horse trial debut this summer since she is still a baby and does have her moments. Currently as I'm writing this I am fourth, so I need to move up three places to be in the final voting selection. Probably not going to happen unless I get an outpouring of support, which I know can be possible in the horse blogger world. So vote for me and spread the word. Thank you, thank you!

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