Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sunny Dayz

No, the title wasn't  typo, we've actually had sun! Monday and Wednesday were quite nice and both days I got to go on a trail ride! Unusual for living in the pacific northwest.

Yesterday our ride was ah-mazing. It didn't start out so well since I decided to lunge. She had so much energy on Tuesday that I was having trouble containing it, so I figured it would be in our best interest to lunge. Ahaha. It was a little embarrassing trying to control my horse while she leaped and bucked in her best impression of the airs above the ground. There were other people riding so I was trying to be as unobtrusive as possible, but luckily none of the other horses took exception to Jetta's antics, though the same might not be true for their riders. Normally, I would have let her buck and gallop as much as she pleased, but I didn't want to spook any of the other horses! At one point she was trotting and leaped straight up with all four feet off the ground. I feel like horses shouldn't be as athletic as they are because of their size, but they sure are!

Jetta says "Wha? I iz good gurl. My owner says she wantz to
go see Cavalia, but she cantz afford it. So I brings the trickz to her!

She finally settled down and I got on her bareback (though with plenty of padding because she has terrible shark-fin withers) and with her sidepull on. She was so good. I had a blast riding her. She hasn't been in the bitless bridle since last year I think, so it took a minute for her to figure out what I wanted before she settled down "on the bit". I'm sure the other people in the arena were thinking I was insane for getting on my supposedly "cuh-razy and nasty" TB mare, but she was a perfect angel. I worked on our sitting trot and riding deep into the corners and she was absolutely perfect.

Our sitting trot has come a long way - she's finally accepting my seat when I sit instead of hollowing her back and coming above the bit. For my part, I think my yoga has really helped develop my core muscles and has allowed me to focus on sitting as quietly as possible. Then we headed outside. She is becoming a pro at letting me open gates from her back and has become almost a steady rock on the trails. We were even able to calmly walk through some mud puddles instead of skirting around them! I'm super excited and ready to head to the trail course to practice, the problem is just getting a buddy to come with me... Hopefully the 9th we'll go since by then I'll be done with all my final exams!

I'm also super happy about her hooves. I was prepared for them to soften since she's stalled 24/7, but they've actually continued to improve. They've hardened a lot and even though it's about time for a trim, she hasn't gotten the huge nasty cracks that she usually gets. And she didn't put a foot wrong walking down the gravel driveway. Yes!

Jetta was just so well-behaved and I'm feeling like such a proud mother. I feel totally comfortable taking her out on the trails bareback and bitless and that's saying something! Today I have planned another ride in the sidepull and I hope it's a repeat of yesterday!


  1. Your little girl is growing up (tear). Seriously though, good work. The fact that she's doing so well reflects positively on your training.

  2. Sounds like a great ride, desire the lunge antics. I definitely don't judge on lunging antics. One time something surprised Scarfie at a show when we were lunging and he trotted with his head and tail straight up and lifting his legs as high as possible. It was so funny!

    You are lucky to be done exams by the 9th. I'm not done until the 19th.