Tuesday, December 30, 2014

TOA Blog Hop: History of the Horse

Blog hop from The Owls Approve! We're quite a bit behind the ball on this one, but I still wanted to participate anyways.

Before you met, where was your horse?  Who bred him/her?  What do you know about his sire and his dam?  What do you know about where (s)he came from?  Tell me about the time before (s)he had a trainer.

Before I met Jetta, she was living at a Thoroughbred breeding farm. I met her as an unraced two-year old.

She was bred by Dr. Rodney Orr. I did some stalking and found this article about one of his broodmares, which also talks a little about his farm and breeding program.

Her sire is Private Gold, whose sire line is Seeking the Gold, Mr. Prospector, Raise a Native and Native Dancer. He's a pretty popular stallion here in the NW as far as I understand and have seen in many pedigrees of local TB's as he stands in Washington.

One random thing that I think is interesting is that I heard fairly often about what a bad personality/unpredictable nature that Seeking the Gold had. I am a huge advocate of breeding to stallions with good personalities because I think it is somewhat of a heritable trait, so it's funny that I own one of his offspring now. I think some of Jetta's attitude must come from her grandsire! Even though she can also be a total sweetheart most of the time.

Her dam is Step Away. I remember that she was a gorgeous mare when I met her. I actually had a reader reach out to me when I posted about Jetta's family tree that she had bought Step Away and that was so awesome to hear!

What to say about the time before she had a trainer... Well she was a brat, but then again she still is. She was unnamed, but the Barn Manager called her "Punky" which totally fit. I think it was in reference to a TV character that was before my time, but to me, Jetta was definitely a punk. She knew how to lead adequately and lunge, had worn a bareback pad before, but other than that, she had mostly been handled with a stud chain, she kicked, didn't allow her feet to be handled and didn't trailer.

When I got her, we worked for the first year on ground manners. I can't tell you how many times she took me "mud skiing" in the pasture before she learned to respect pressure without a stud chain. And teaching her not to kick and let her feet be done was a nightmare. 

The day I met Jetta

But it turned out well for the most part, I absolutely adore my stubborn monster child now.

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  1. ooh seeking the gold is handsome! glad Jetta's mostly sweet rather than unpredictable tho - i can definitely agree about breeding for personality too!!