Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2015 Goals

Here were the goals that I made for this last year. Overall, I was really disappointed in this year horse-wise. It just didn't really come together for me very well.

  • Compete in a recognized dressage show. Finally.
 If you had asked me which of these goals were one of the least attainable, I probably would have said this one. I've been wanting to ride in a recognized dressage show for at least the past three or four years but it was never in the cards financially or in level of preparedness. This year, our dressage team went as a group and I had a total blast. Never would have thought it would be on Misty either!
  • Get a ribbon in a horse trial! Either from a schooling or recognized one. I don't care I just want that ribbon!
Success! I rode Misty in the spring at a one-day horse trial and she was absolutely fantastic. We placed 2nd out of 12 horses! 
  • Ride at Inavale and/or one other recognized HT.  
  • Compete at Second Level at least once and score in the 60's. 
  • Compete at Novice and just not get eliminated. 
Nope. Funny story. I actually did try to compete at Novice this year at a little derby. I didn't write about it because I was hugely disappointed in myself, but it was a major fail and I actually ended up scratching. 
  • Show at 3'+ in a jumper show 
  • Do at least one, but hopefully two LD endurance rides. 

Overall, I am actually surprised that I actually accomplished two of my goals. This year was just really tough juggling full time work, two horses, no money and my research.

Next years' goals? I'm not sure I want to think about where next year will go. I know I won't have enough money to do a recognized dressage show (I didn't have to pay for it personally last year) and I don't think I'll be able to afford a recognized HT either.

  • Compete in the one-day HT with Jetta 
  • Ride a second level dressage test at a show and not fail horribly
  • Sell Misty
  • Compete in an LD


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    1. I know. Sadly, she's the more marketable of the two and right now, both financially and in terms of the amount of time I have to spare, one of them has got to go :(

  2. sorry this year wasn't everything you had envisioned - but congrats to crossing off some long standing big goals!! wishing you all the best in 2015!