Monday, December 8, 2014

30 Day Challenge - Create a fun jump course

Hmm, I'm not the best at creating jump courses. Especially "fun" ones. The ones that I typically end up making when I'm setting a course for myself is two outside lines (one at two strides and one at three or four strides) and one fence set on a diagonal to make a bending line. Mostly just because it's an easy course to set. Then I can mix it up and do right outside line, bending line, left outside line or whatever else I feel like. I have no idea if this is "fun" or not, because I personally consider the circle of death exercise to be "fun" - while most others in my lesson group groan about it, I get excited, lol.
This looks SUPER fun, but I'm way too lazy to design something of my own. Image from Wikipedia


  1. Wish I had a bigger arena so I could actually set up stuff like this!!!

  2. that *does* look super fun - but also like i'd be very likely to forget my course lol

  3. I'm horrible at setting up courses but I get so excited when I have difficult ones to play with (and nervous when they are at a show haha).