Tuesday, December 23, 2014


The internet is an amazing thing. I mean, just having it is awesome. We've been internet-less for about a week and a half so I haven't been able to post anything. Ahh, the joys of being a broke young adult and living with four others in the same situation...

Anywho, back to the ponies. As always, there hasn't been a ton going on. But, I did have a great trail ride last week. One of my roommates has been wanting to go riding for a while and I finally had a day off where I didn't have anything planned so I loaded the ponies up and hit the trails.

Both girls were good, at least once I got Jetta loaded. I dealt with a lot of trailer loading issues when I got her, but we worked everything out. Now, it still crops up occasionally where she throws a complete and total hissy fit about getting in the trailer for about 10 minutes and then will randomly decide that she's done and then proceeds to hop in the trailer like it's no big deal. Sigh.

Minus that incident, everything went great. I haven't hauled the trailer in forever so I was afraid my poor old truck wouldn't start, but it was fine. The weather ended up being perfect and it didn't even rain on us!


My roommate is one of those people that just picks up riding really quickly. I gave him the rundown of how to steer, stop and go and do an emergency stop and we were off. He told me he wanted to gallop and so after a discussion on how to trot (he picked up posting right off the bat) and then ask for the canter, we went for an easy lope on a flat stretch.

We walked the horses for a while and then came to this really steep hill. Much easier to canter up it than to walk right? I let Jetta out into a nice extended canter and Misty came quickly behind us as fast as her little legs could go. It was fun!

Both girls were puffing a little by the top, but luckily the trail loops nicely around so they got to walk the rest of the way and weren't even damp by the time we got back to the trailer. Overall, a lovely way to spend the day. I haven't been trail riding in forever it feels like and it was good to be back on my monster pony. I haven't ridden her in too long! Plus, it's always better to hit the trails with a friend.

And, almost as exciting (or maybe even more exciting? I can't decide), I got my blogger exchange gift! I love it. I was super vague on what I would like to receive, but it's absolutely perfect. Thanks Kristen and thank you Tracy for hosting it!

Rest assured, there will soon be better quality pictures on the pony!


  1. that trail ride sounds awesome! i love trails with friends :)