Monday, December 29, 2014

30 Day Challenge - Wish List

Year end posts are in the works, but of course they are quite a bit more labor intensive, so have some more 30 Day Challenge posts in the meantime!

Day 6| Make a wish-list of the top 10 tack/riding clothes/horsey items you would buy if you were given an unlimited budget.

Ohh boy, here we go. 

1. CWD Custom Saddle. 

2. Dream brown boots, originally I was going to go with La Mundial but since they seem to be failing at customer service lately I'll need to figure out somewhere else to get them made

3. MORE BREECHES! Like I don't have enough... But I'd love another pair of FITS for schooling (Mink colored, yes please), a pair of jean breeches from Ariat, a pair of berry colored Tailored Sportsman and some aqua blue Annie's breeches. 

4. New truck. I love my truck, but it's getting older and has a bit of trouble hauling my little two-horse up a hill with two horses inside. 

5. An Ogilvy pad because why not. Plus all the pretty color combinations

6. And because of course I need even MORE saddle pads, I've wanted this purple OTTB pad for a while. And now I have a pretty purple bonnet that needs a matching saddle pad!

7. Since this is far fetched enough, why not a trailer with living quarters. I really love my little two horse bumper pull, and really don't mind sleeping in the bed of the truck with the camper shell, but having living quarters would be quite the luxury. And I have always wanted a Trails West trailer...

8. I guess this kind of qualifies as a "horsey item"... but I'd love to breed Jetta. Top two stallion picks are Mirabeau and Diamond Hit, so with an unlimited budget I'd buy a breeding to one of them.

9. A Mark Todd anatomic bridle, or one with the similar design but perhaps not the price tag.

Dy'on anatomic bridle photo dyonbridle_zpsee048401.jpg
10. Ummm, this was actually harder than I thought it would be... Weirdly enough I can't come up with a tenth item that I want. Strange.


  1. Replies
    1. Duh! Now why couldn't I have thought of that lol. It's perfect

  2. #10 - ANOTHER pony lol, bc why stop at two?? :)

    1. Ahaha. Ha. Ha. No. I obviously fail at having two. Now, if I had no job and just had all the monies for ponies? Definitely.

  3. I know a lady who sells those bridles dirt cheap! Like $100...

    1. Oh dear. You tempt me too much...