Saturday, November 29, 2014

Review: Horze Venice Bridle

I have a thing about bridles. I want them all. I do not need them, but I want them. I have a ton of them... I think all counted I have 5 english bridles and 3 western bridles? For two horses. Shameful.

Anways. I decided that I "needed" a new bridle and I have been eyeing this bridle FOREVER. Seriously. I actually bought one last year but they sent me the wrong size (pony size which will decidedly not fit Jetta's monster head). Interestingly, I thought the quality was pretty bad on that bridle. You could definitely tell that it was an under $100 bridle because the leather just felt "cardboard-y".

Fast forward a year and I found this bridle at the feed store and fell in love again. The quality was much better than the previous bridle I had seen in person. I have very particular things I like in a bridle. Padded crowns have become mandatory for me. I absolutely adore rounded buckles. Wide noses look particularly nice on Jetta's long, narrow nose. I don't like stiff nosebands that take forever to break in, which seems pretty standard with dressage bridles and crank nosebands. This bridle fit all of those requirements.

Jetta will never be a bridle model. 90% of my pictures looked like this

Horze Venice Bridle


My price: $46.95 - I managed to snag this wonderful deal which made it all the more amazing!

  • Everything I previously stated - wide nose, rounded buckles and padded crown. 
  • Plus lovely white stitching and super soft padding. 
  • The leather quality isn't "amazing" but it's still quite good for the price. I think with some oiling it will be perfect. I also have a Smartpak Plymouth Elite Dressage Bridle and I think the quality is pretty similar. The leather is a little more supple and thick with the Smartpak bridle, but the price is also slightly higher. 
  • While the noseband is a crank (I prefer French cavessons), it's not such a thick and stiff piece of leather like a lot of others I've seen. It's very soft and conforms nicely to Jetta's nose.

  • It's brown. And I don't do brown dressage tack. I do love brown dressage tack and would love to one day own a brown dressage saddle, but that's a pretty far off dream. I wish this bridle came in black with the same pretty white stitching. I probably would have paid full price for this bridle in black. 
  • Also, the reins aren't my favorite. They're leather reins with handstops. I would have preferred webbed or rubberized web reins honestly. Hopefully they're break in well because as of now, the hand stops are sharp, but then again I rarely use the reins that come with bridles. 
  • Lastly, it was a tad big on Jetta so I had to punch a few holes, but honestly that happens with all bridles. She's much too large to fit into a cob bridle, but is always on the last holes for horse size. The crank noseband had to have a couple more holes to keep it from flopping around and so did the flash.

Overall, I give this bridle an A. For the price, it's a fantastic bridle. All the small details make me happy and since I'm using it for Jetta's other bit (which is not dressage legal) the fact that it's brown doesn't actually matter except for my own sense of "MUST HAVE MATCHING TACK AT ALL TIMES".


  1. Love that bridle! So pretty. And Fiction is the same way - too large for cob but always on the last holes on a full size! I feel your frustration haha.

  2. aw she has such a sweet face in all those pics :)

  3. we have this same bridle in black and love love love it. I too, switched out the reins though for my rope reins (just pleasure riding, thank you!)

    1. I want it in black! I could not find it ANYWHERE in black, do they not make it anymore in that color maybe?