Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Back At It

Really trying hard to get back into the habit of riding. I always just feel so TIRED that I don't even want to ride by the time I finish cleaning stalls, but I just need to make it a habit!

So far, five rides. Yeah... there was no tack involved for three of those rides because I was too lazy to put a saddle on but I'll just pretend I'm actually participating in No Stirrup November. Hah.

Misty was super good for all five of those rides minus the fact that we are both completely out of shape. Me especially. My entire body aches. Geez. I didn't think that it would be this hard getting back to riding, but I guess when you ride sporadically and then stop riding altogether for three weeks... things are going to be sore.

Jetta is going to start getting back to work too. She's been getting lunged for the next week or two because after watching her buck and leap around on the lunge there's no way I'm getting back on her till that's sorted out! Unless of course we go for a trail ride, because she's almost always well behaved then.

Proof I've actually been on a horse

It's getting soooo cold out right now. Both girls have upgraded from sheets to lightweight blankets. Hopefully it doesn't snow, because I'm definitely not even close to ready for that nonsense!


  1. Lol we are spoiled with such nice weather in Nov!!

  2. glad you're back in the saddle! hope the ponies behave themselves ;)

  3. Hard to get motivated this time of year. You can do it!