Thursday, November 20, 2014

Best Laid Plans

Well, I meant to post more regularly this month. And I meant to ride Misty lots. And get Jetta back under saddle. Sigh... best laid plans.

It's been crunch time with my research project finishing up collecting data this month. The good news - I'll be done by Thanksgiving! YESSSSSS. The bad news - this past month I have had zero free time. I go to the lab after work to read slides, my days off I spend in the lab collecting samples and running tests. I go to the barn every day to snuggle with the ponies, occasionally lunge, stuff them with treats and clean stalls, but that's it.

I cannot wait to be done with the data collection portion. It kind of makes me want to pull my hair out. I'm sure the writing part won't be very much fun at all either, but maybe I'll have more free time?

In pony land... there's really nada. We had a huge cold snap so I felt bad about clipping the horses. After all, they're not being ridden at the moment. So I decided they could keep their fluff for the time being. Mist has gotten SO fluffy. She definitely didn't get this much hair last year. Both girls have their light-weight blankies on with a liner because I didn't have access to my medium weight blankets. Then I went to get the medium weights and was really confused as to why I could only find Jetta's blanket. Where was Misty's?

Oh. I found it. In a heap of shreds. Still waiting for my aunt (who runs a blanket repair business) to take if for spare pieces.

Remember this lovely event from last year? :

Yeah... That's where that went. So I guess Misty gets to stay with the combo of blankets. So that's about it. Jetta did get a new bridle, so that's something exciting. I couldn't resist it's cheapness and since I didn't want to keep swapping bits on her bridle... Yay new schooling bridle! I'll post more about it once I take pics and use it a few more times, but I'm pretty sure I'm in love with it, lol.


  1. Oh...I can't wait to hear about the new bridle. I need one!

  2. exciting that your project is wrapping up so soon - good luck!

  3. Good luck with your project!
    And yes... Rom did something similar yesterday with his rug. Don't ya' love horses?