Sunday, February 9, 2014


I wasn't exactly the most prepared for this little snowstorm we're having. I didn't think it would snow this much! Especially after our last snowstorm, we usually only get snow once, so I didn't believe the weather forecasters!

I rolled down my window this morning and the ice stayed behind.
So much snow! It almost goes over the tops of my boots.

What I did to prepare:
  • Fill the horse's water buckets all the way full so if the hoses froze it wouldn't be a few days until I needed to fill them again. 
  • Got my truck back from my dad/brother. It has four wheel drive and all weather tires. 
And that's about it...

What I should have done as well:
  • Brought the horses' spare blankets from home in case I needed to switch out blankets for drier ones or layer. 
  • Make sure I had feed before the snow fell.
  • Bring my sled and driving reins from home so I could make the horses pull me around :)

I am currently trapped at home. I worked yesterday morning and the drive home was slightly terrifying so I decided that there's NO WAY I was going to the barn and I'm slightly apprehensive to go today. I'm hoping the roads will be more melted and less icy so I can brave it by this afternoon. We shall see... Otherwise I have a friend who lives right down the road from the barn and I can ask her to clean stalls and check on the ponies for me.

My afternoon/evening yesterday:

Cleaning my tack with my Higher Standards Lavendar Vanilla cleaner. Love this cleaner!

Clean tack. Sadly, this is not all of my bridles/breastplates...

Also, being stuck inside is the perfect time for internet shopping... I lost my nameplate bracelet that I got as a present. So I need a new one! Of course, I want one with brown leather with silver hardware. (It will match my horsehair bracelet better) Which apparently doesn't exist. One of the girls I follow on instagram got a neat one from Equestrian Collections that the studs are crystals. So I went to take a look at it. And it comes with a silver nameplate! But, the buckle is brass. Clashing metals, I don't know if I can handle it... So I need thoughts.

Either this bracelet, with the silver nameplate and clashing buckle, but I can get it with Aquamarine crystals (my color!).

Or this bracelet in all silver. But it's an inch wide. And I have small wrists...

Also, I am considering getting pizza delivered (yes, they are actually still delivering!) so I don't have to leave the house and I can be lazy and not make any food.


  1. The first one shows a silver buckle, so I don't think it will clash! Doooo itttt!!

    1. Only the black leather comes with a silver buckle, the brown has brass :/

  2. Pizza sounds like a good idea!

  3. Ice being left behind is so trippy