Monday, February 24, 2014

Show Prep

So many things to do, so little time! This was definitely not in my "plan" to do a horse show this early this year, I wasn't planning to go to one until April or May. But I'm sooo excited for this show. The group I'm going with has been making plans and it's going to be a ton of fun!

Now I just have to work around my last midterm, final project being due, homework, work and get Misty bathed, tack cleaned, show clothes found, test memorized and trailer loaded. Not too much of an issue, right?

I was looking at my schedule for the week and I think tomorrow is the only day I have enough time to give Misty a bath. Which is really early in the week. But it will have to do! She'll need her legs rewashed of course before the show, but I can handle doing that the day of or night before. She has a sleazy to keep her neck clean and I'll keep her tail braided so she should still (hopefully) be presentable by the time Saturday rolls around.

Thursday will be our last ride before the show and I'll take tack home to clean, then Friday I should have time to load all my stuff up before heading out!

In terms of riding... today was rough. It worked out fine but Misty made me work for every little bit she gave me and I had to really ride every single step. It was exhausting. She has started flipping her head every so often and I really have to resist the urge to take a stronger hold of her to get her to knock it off, but right now I'm just keeping a soft contact and kicking her forward every time she does it, which seems to work well in getting her to stop doing it. Definitely need to have her teeth done after the show.

Oh Misty
Our canter-trot transitions were fine, but trot-walk were super abrupt today and she never really did give me a good one. Stretchy trot and walk have improved quite a bit but I don't think it will get us any 8's in those areas. I'm really hoping for at least a 7. Upward transitions are fine, circles are good, bending lines have finally come along (though they aren't in Training Test 1). Luckily with Training 1 you still have quite a bit of leeway for where you make downward transitions so hopefully we can get some that aren't too abrupt.

Neglected Jetta. At least she got to go naked and enjoy the sun!

We had some lovely weather over the weekend and I was so, so bummed that I don't have my truck at the moment. All I wanted to do was go for a trail ride! It's back to rain, but at least it's been downright warm in the mid to upper 50's and it is supposed to get to 60 degrees this week! Spring is (hopefully) finally here.

So beautiful!! Why did I have to be inside so much?