Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Drama Queens

Geez, my mares are being a couple of drama queens! Misty is usually the sweet, quiet one but I think she's been taking some cues from Jetta lately. She's been quite the little fireball on the lunge and under saddle which is quite adorable.

We've had a couple really nice rides, despite the drama. Trying to work on our Training level work. I'm considering taking her to a dressage show on the 1st of next month, but I need to decide by Thursday. It's the same one I went to at the beginning of last year, that I wasn't going to take Jetta to again because of the footing. But, Misty isn't as picky about footing so she'd be fine. The real reason I want to go is that a group of friends are going for the weekend and invited me to stay with them and I think it'd be a lot of fun! So we'll see.

Her upward transitions are coming along a lot better as are her rhythm and acceptance of the bridle. Downward transitions are still a touch hairy so we need to work on those. We did some trot loops which started out quite fun - me asking Misty to come of the wall, her thinking that I wanted her to walk.

Me: "No, I need you to keep trotting"
Misty: "But you said to walk!"
Me: "No, I said to bend. Trot please"
Misty: "Oh, canter? Okay!"
Me: "No, I said trot"
Misty: "Ok, walk"
Me: "Sigh... just trot please"
Misty: "Why are you being so mean to me??"

We eventually got it figured out though and she proved to be nice and bendy. We just need to work on the whole, "coming off the wall does not mean to change speed" thing.

We've started some lateral work, shoulder-in at the walk and leg yields at the trot. She's taking it quite well though we can only keep things short before she gets a bit flustered. But I love how quickly she's picked up on it! She's finally "clicked" on the stretchy trot. I love when they finally realize that the stretchy trot is actually... fun.

Still fascinated by her reflection

Jetta is still off. But I'm not sure if she's actually hurting all that bad or faking it... She's been known to fake it. She was definitely off on the lunge to the left at times (head bob and all), other times just barely short on it. I decided to get on and walk her in the tack just because I want to ride her so bad! Of course, prior to this on the lunge she was launching herself all four feet at once into the air and I was questioning the sanity of my decision to ride...

Luckily she was a perfect angel (nearly) under saddle, despite a few moments when I could just feel her getting ready to launch. Not a very good feeling. Luckily there were no theatrics. But she felt GOOD under saddle. Not off in the slightest to the right and barely noticeable at all to the left. She just didn't really feel lame at all. Hmm... Just in case I gave her some bute and we'll still take it easy, but I'm thinking she's probably fine. If she continues to be slightly off I'll have the vet look at her, I'm planning on scheduling a dental day for both girls so she could evaluate then. I just really want to ride!

So cute and innocent looking
"Oh hai pretty lady" - Jetta looking at herself

Show season is coming up so fast, I hope that we can resolve whatever's going on so we can get back to work. There's a clinic with Jimmy Wofford that I'd love to be able to do with Jetta this spring, as well as start working on our second level, do our first recognized dressage show and so much more! I'm definitely ready for summer right about now...


  1. Shows! Always exciting to have something to work towards again! Or something that is more tangible feeling anyways.

    1. I know, I can't wait to show again!

  2. Can't. Wait. Until. Show. Season!!!

  3. Poor Misty, she says dressage is hard!

  4. Replies
    1. I complain, yet I love mares! Drama and all :)