Tuesday, February 11, 2014


The snow has finally receded enough that driving can be considered "normal". Still a little slushy in some places but most roads are clear! Phew, I was ready to be done with that nonsense, I don't know how you people that live in colder climates deal with it!

Anyways, today was supposed to be a nice long, relaxing day at the barn. Not. Woke up almost two hours late to start it off so I didn't have enough time to begin with. Cleaned stalls which was a major struggle because the path to the manure pile has gotten super muddy so it's nearly impossible to get a full wheelbarrow up the little incline to dump it. I was definitely breathing hard by the end.

The plan was to lunge Jetta, braid her mane, ride Misty and wash her tail and legs. It ended that I lunged Jetta. She's definitely a bit off on her left front. I'm pretty sure she pulled something up in her shoulder area from her shenanigans yesterday on the lunge. Sigh. She's almost completely sound to the right, but slightly off to the left. No swelling, heat or tender spots on her legs or hooves. I really should invest in some hoof testers, but digging around in her feet with the hoof pick got no reaction. So that's a bummer. I'll just hand walk her the next few days, maybe give her a bit of bute and we'll see from there!

I cut our lunge session short and braided her wild mane and gave her some cuddles. She was in an especially sweet mood today. 

This mane is out of control... Hopefully soon she will get her teeth done and I can pull it while she's drugged!

Oh mule-horse. Why do you look so disproportional here? At least her body condition is looking good!

I ended up not having enough time to do much with Misty. She was quite spunky on the lunge. She has little scrape marks all over her body which I'm assuming are partly self inflicted (the ones on her face) and partly from her bratty neighbor (the ones on her butt, even through the blanket). She had a new scrape on her left front that was a little bloody, so I rinsed it off and put some vetricyn on it. Luckily she wasn't off as well considering her tendency to be a delicate flower.

Hopefully Thursday I will get to retry having my "nice long, relaxing day at the barn". Give Misty her leg/tail spa day, ride at least one monster and hopefully have two sound horses!