Saturday, February 8, 2014

Snow Day

It's so unusual to have this much snow around here. This is our second round of snow and our cities just aren't cut out to handle it, lol! We've gotten quite a bit for us, around 14-16". SO MUCH SNOW. I love it, but it does make driving places scary with some of these drivers...

Anyways, snow makes for pretty pictures. I turned Jetta out in the outdoor arena to let her run around.

My favorite nosy

Jetta: "Here, let me smoosh my cold, wet nose in your face."

Jetta: "I hate selfies..."


  1. So cute!! Red has such a huge head...I can't take selfies with him.. :))

  2. Snow! I have a friend that lives in Portland and said it has been crazy how much snow there is. Stay warm and avoid the nutso drivers!

    1. It has been so crazy! And Portland is supposed to get like 7 more inches tonight...

  3. These are adorable! :)

  4. My yard is a snow fortress right more snow! Adorable pics :)