Sunday, September 1, 2013

Long Update

Sorry for the lack of posts, it's been a crazy weekend and I just haven't had the time or patience to sit down and write out a post! But I have lots of pics to make up for it.

So let's see...


I went and looked at the barn of the people who want to buy Jazz. It wasn't anything fancy but the fencing was sound, all the stalls were matted (albeit a little wonkily) and had runs attached. Footing in the arena looked adequate and there was some turnout. They live right across the street from my favorite horse trails to ride on and have a creek running through the property that they can swim the horses on. Fun! So it's almost official. Jazz will probably go to her new home sometime next week.

I also lunged Jetta and she looked perfectly sound and definitely ready to go back undersaddle. She got her toes trimmed while I was out and was quite fresh. I meant to bring tack home to ride her in, but completely forgot. I briefly considered riding sans tack in a halter but luckily decided against it. If it had been Jazz or Grady I would have hopped on and gone on a trail ride but Jetta? After almost a month off? I think not...
Showing off her fancy trot in the rain


Jetta says hi and wants to say that this is still her blog, she doesn't understand why she hasn't been on here recently!

Being a crazypants.


Went on a trail ride with my friend AR. Her horse just had his teeth floated so she ended up riding Jazz and we just went down the street to her grandparent's house. It was nice to get out of the arena since I haven't trail ridden in quite a while! Jazz was just amazing as usual - the turkeys flying out of the brush at us unexpectedly and AR's decidedly non-horse sense dog running between her legs didn't even cause a flick of her ear. Misty was not quite as nonchalant but wasn't spooky. It was a gorgeous day since it finally decided to stop raining and let the sun come out!

B-e-a-u-tiful day for a trail ride!
AR on Jazz and Sammy the dog ahead of us on the trail


No pony time unfortunately.


Finally made it out to the barn. Saturday was a little crazy so I definitely needed my time with the girls. I had fantastic rides on both of them, both in dressage tack. Can I just say that Jazz has an amazing lengthened trot? For a QH especially. Jetta needs to take some notes. And speaking of Jetta, I am SO EXCITED to start riding her again. Funny how much I've missed her despite her being such a tough horse to ride.  Misty is doing good, she too has such a nice trot once she gets in the "groove". I feel like we've reached the point where her jog has become well established enough that we can play with transitions within the gaits and it's going well. Canter... not so much. But progress is progress and I'll take it!

Why do I even bother making her clean?!
Needed my saddle/barn time

It was a matchy-matchy kind of day.

So that's life! I have my fingers crossed that tomorrow is going to be another trail ride, either with AR or maybe if she flakes on me I'll take both girls for a ride and pony one. Life with horses is good :)


  1. Fantastic photos! Maaaaan Jetta is looking good!

  2. Jetta looks amazing! Loving the matching tack, mine has to match or it drives me nuts.

  3. Bahahaha love when they roll and put all our hard work out the window!

    Here's to Jazz's new home and it being perfect!

  4. You are the winner of my contest!! I just need your email address to get your gift card to you!!

  5. Ok I sent it your way. Just confirm that you recieved it.