Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Can't Beat It

Can't beat the feeling of being on a horse. It always makes me 10x happier when I'm on horse or around horses than when I'm not!

AR did end up flaking on me for our trail ride Monday, but I was determined to go regardless and it was perfect. Absolutely perfect.

I went to Silver Creek Falls which is one of my favorites. It's hilly and shaded through a pretty forest. There's a water crossing and a couple bridges so it's always a good outing for exposing the ponies.

Bridge #1

I decided to ride Jazz and pony Misty and they couldn't have been more perfect. I had no issues hardly at all with managing two horses, save for a couple small bloopers. Like when we were riding along the beginning of the trail that's really narrow and winding. Misty went, "Ok Jazz, you go this way around the tree and I'll go that way and we'll meet up on the other side!" Ahaha, no. I had to stop the horses and ask Misty to back up before we really got in trouble.

Being such a good pony

I'm so lucky to have such well behaved horses. At one point I dropped my phone (almost didn't notice that I dropped it - that would have been bad!) so instead of turning both horses around to go back to it, getting it, then turning both horses around again, I asked them to ground tie then ran and grabbed it. No one moved a muscle.


We rode a good two hours and it was just glorious. It started out overcast and I was worried it was going to rain. The forest is rather creepy when it's overcast. Plus, despite the 5 other trailers in the parking lot I ran into absolutely no one. Weird. But then the sun came out and the temperature was awesome and there were no bugs.


I was also slightly worried about the barefoot hooves. The first section of the trail before you reach the hills is really rocky. There's a lot of those huge chunks of rocks mixed in with the regular gravel - the kind that is hard to walk on whether or not the horses have shoes - they're pointy and giant. My horses have no issue with regular sized gravel, but those big rocks are killer. But I needn't have worried. Both horses' hooves were in their rock-crunching element and even yesterday/today there's been no hoof soreness. Success!

Overall, it was a wonderful day. So lucky to have horses in my life because I don't know how I'd keep my sanity otherwise!


  1. Looks like a lovely lace to ride. Just so you know, I like your new banner.

  2. You have great trails and gorgeous ponies :)

  3. Thanks American Girl - I'm glad you like it, it took me forever to figure out how to make it :)

    Also, on an unrelated topic, does anyone have a clue how to enable response to comments? I can't reply to comments on my blog, but only make a new comment. I've noticed other blogs have the ability to reply to a specific comment...

  4. Sounds better than a day at the spa!

    For the comments, this website has some troubleshooting options:

  5. Thanks Tracy! I will take a look at that.

  6. Looks like such an amazing place to ride :)