Saturday, September 28, 2013


It seems like everything tends to happen at once and then in between happenings, there's absolutely nothing exciting, lol.

This whole week, since I last posted, hasn't been exciting. I went to the barn every day, rode both ponies, had mostly good rides, and that was it. It's definitely fall now so the rain has begun in earnest meaning there's been no way to make it out on the trails. Well, unless I wanted to ride in the rain, which I may just have to suck it up and do.

So, the exciting news:

1) I won more money! The sorting competition that I won money at, their computer system they used crashed, so they calculated my winnings wrong. Thus, I get an extra $50 check in the mail, whoo!!

2) We went and rode in the rain at the third and final trail competition. Misty was awesome, the weather was not. More detailed post coming up!

Yeah... I have a problem
3) Tack store sale! I went on a tiny shopping spree. The whole store was 10% off, breeches were 20% and show shirts were 40% off. Sooo, I not only bought the two things I came for (leather therapy laundry soap for some used leather full seat breeches I bought and I also finally got Misty her Happy Mouth bit) but also a nice white show shirt with a pretty turquoise wrap collar for less than 40 bucks and a cute key chain. Goodbye any extra money I might of had, but hey, it's my birthday in a couple days so I decided to treat myself :)

I had a hard time restraining myself from buying anything more. They had some FITS breeches in my size on sale for $150 in white... While I do want another pair of white breeches, I don't really want white FITS so I passed them up, with difficulty. Then they had the whole new line of Joules clothes (I love everything that Joules makes pretty much) and all the pretty saddle pads... drool.



  1. White FITS... On sale! If I showed more I would have jumped on that. 1 pair of white fits is more than enough for me though ha. Now a colored pair and they would have been coming home with me!

    You have to treat yourself sometime :)

    1. If they had been any other color I probably would have bought them... money or no money, lol! But I just don't like the color of the leather on the white breeches, I'm eyeing a "dove gray" pair for when I can splurge a bit :)

  2. Ha, love that meme. Same fairy visited me.

  3. hahaha love that second one, I think that fairy visits all horse people.

    1. For sure! That fairy definitely didn't skip me!