Thursday, September 5, 2013

Story of My Life

I'm so excited! I won the contest over at Slow and Steady for a $50 Smartpak gift card! Only problem? I have absolutely no idea what to spend it on. I have a couple "needs" and a ton of "wants".

The three things I actually need right now:
  • White show breeches
  • Black leather gloves
  • Happy Mouth bit
Smartpak has absolutely no white fullseat breeches that I want/can afford. So that's a no. I even emailed them to see if they could order the Tredstep breeches I like in white, since Dover carries them in that color, but Smartpak only has them in blue and tan. No can do apparently.

I do need a Happy Mouth bit but was waiting to see what turned up on ebay, I could possibly score one for half price.

Or I could get new gloves. Not exciting. 

My want list at Smartpak is huge, consisting mostly of really cute schooling breeches. A sheet for when I go to shows and need to keep the ponies clean, a Herm Sprenger hole punch, a Newmarket throw blanket (to obviously match my horse) and an IRH Elite Ultra helmet. But none of these things are ones that I need and most are too spendy for me right at the moment and nothing seems "worthy" of such a great opportunity to spend the $50 that I've won!

I feel like the Happy Mouth bit is the mostly likely choice at this point. It's right around $50 so I'd only have to spend a couple extra bucks plus shipping. But then there's the decision of mullen or roller center? I have no experience with Happy Mouths, but I feel like Misty would probably go equally well in either, the goal is just to find her something gentler that she will take up contact with more eagerly.

Any thoughts? On the type of bit or on good things to buy ;)

Story of my life: decisions, decisions...

Oh and to add to the whole "my want list is a million miles long" this is the weekend that Mundial boots are in town... When I was looking for boots to buy I emailed them to see when they were in my state and this was the ONLY time they were here in the whole entire year. I opted not to wait several months to get fitted plus the 3 month wait to actually get the boots, but I still want them. I can see my dream custom brown field boots now... Gah. I have half a mind to go and get fitted just because and then wait until I can save up and order them. I just want to see them in person!

These. I want them.


  1. Go get fitted! You can always order later :)

  2. I agree ^

    Hmmmm wants vs needs, so hard!! I wish we had unlimited $$ :)

    1. Me too! If only it grew on trees... Or if horses didn't eat it so fast :)

  3. What size bit do you need? I have a happy mouth bit that is just collecting dust in my tack trunk. I think it has the roller.

  4. Love. Those. Boots! I would go with a roller, the mullen mouth is usually ok short term, but I find that eventually it limits things like fine tuning and flexing through the neck.

  5. I just switched Riley to the happy mouth mullen and OMG he loves it. It's supposed to be really good for youngsters/greenies and he was like a different horse in it!

  6. Those boots are sexual. I need them.

  7. I finally saved enough/broke down and bought a pair of brown Mundial boots!!! Only had them for a month so still breaking them in but they fit really snug, so if you want some breathing/extra room make sure the guy understands you want some extra space. I can't wear mine with thick socks so they're a summer/warm weather only boot. But that's ok, SC/NC is mild enough that I'll be able to wear them most of the time :)

    But you should get fitted if you really want them! They might let you do payments? Though make sure you have 30+ mins to wait- they literally take every single measurement of your foot possible!!!!!!