Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Well, I may have found Jazz's new home. I finally posted her for sale and had a huge response. The first person came out and looked at her yesterday and I'm going to do a few reference checks and a barn check, then that may be it.

Having her back is hard because she is SO MUCH FUN. I forget how amazing she is, she really is my second heart horse after Grady. Plus, this time around I'm actually selling her instead of just leasing her. Whenever I sent her off to her new year long home, the lessor was always surprised that I wasn't having a hard time giving her away - I was dry eyed and happy because she had a person to pay attention to her like I couldn't.

But, she was still mine. I called the shots - I could take her back at any time, I could ask them to feed her more or less, give or withhold permission for certain things, etc. And I knew I would always get her back at the end.

I'm just reluctant to sell her. I know that anyone she goes to will treasure her, but it just makes me nervous. She deserves the best care there is. I just hope that with my checking out the family that I can make sure that that's what she'll get.

I started tearing up a bit on the way home after they came to see her. It's hard when you've had a horse for 10 years and they've just become an integral part of your life. I'll still make sure that if she ever needs another home, that she'll come back to me. But she'll no longer be mine, she'll have a forever home somewhere else. She deserves a new little girl though, someone who can grow with her and learn with her like I did.

My girl ♥

In slightly less downer news, there's yet another contest! SheMovedtoTexas is doing a giveaway of a Horze leather halter. I've posted about this company before because they have some awesome stuff at great prices. Fingers crossed I win because Misty is in need of a leather halter!

And I saw this on Eventing Nation the other day and it made me laugh:

Quite accurate except for the dressage show one, I love dressage :)


  1. The good thing is that she'll probably be going to a good home. Oh, and I read your profile...I too want to become a vet.

  2. That would be so hard to sell her :( I'd be upset too. Thanks for the contest share!

  3. I'm a bit teary eyed over this :( it can't be easy.

  4. Oh man selling her is going to be really hard... I am sure you will pick the best home tho!

    Those gifs are great!

  5. Props to you for vetting the people who try her out. I am sure it's tough but you're getting to make some family very happy with an amazing horse :) and I bet if she stays local the people would update you?

  6. :( I know this can't be easy.

  7. I feel this way about Dancer. I'm getting ready to list him for sale, but it's hard to look at him and picture letting him go. I want nothing but the best for him, but I worry about where he'll go. It's tough :(