Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Favorite 5 Under $50

Lots of contests to enter! This is a post for a contest entry for Nicku at The Polka Dot Periodical and her success in reaching 150 followers, by posting about my favorite 5 horse products under $50.

Also, since I am nearing 100 followers (so close) I'm working on thinking up a good contest to do, so keep an eye out for when that happens.

Canter Mane & Tail Detangler

Cannot. Live. Without it. This is my favorite detangler ever. It's not greasy, it smells nice (like roses!), it works really well and it lasts for more than a few minutes. In fact, it will last a week.


Aeropostale Polo Shirts

Ok, this isn't strictly a horse product, BUT this is the polo shirt that I ride in. It's stretchy and fits well plus they come in amazing colors. It's long enough to tuck in, a problem I've run into before even with polo shirts marketed for equestrians. They're not a super technical fabric, but they're still light weight enough that I don't have a problem wearing them in the heat of the summer. The only downside is that they come in the smallest sizes ever... But if you fit into them, I would highly recommend getting one (of every color).

Regularly $24.50, but usually on sale. Currently $9.00

Keratex Hoof Hardener

This stuff has been great, especially for the horses that I transition to working barefoot or for when the weather is being uncooperative and we get a bit of foot soreness. It has worked so well, I've just been amazed. It's a pretty spendy concoction (heaven forbid you spill it!) but for how well it works, it's worth it.


SSG Original All Weather Gloves

These have been my go-to gloves for pretty much forever. I have a pair in white and a pair in black. They last a long time, can go through the washer, are comfy and not bulky. I've been meaning to make the step up to some nice leather gloves for schooling, but at this price, they're great for small shows and schooling. Plus, you can even find them in fun, bright colors.

SSG® Original All Weather Riding Gloves
Camelot Anti Slip Rubberized Web Reins

While Thinline take up the position of most favorite reins ever in my book, those are definitely not under $50 and the Camelot ones come in a close second. These were fantastic when I first started Jetta under saddle since she liked to root the reins out of my hand but with the rubber on these you have more grip. I don't like the pebbled rubber reins because I find they're too bulky, but these are thin. Also excellent because they have hand stops so it's quite easy to make sure your reins are even, especially if you give lessons you can tell the rider to shorten or lenthen by section. They lasted for three years before they started to fray on the edges but I continued to use them. I had them in black with the buckle ends and I really liked the heavy duty hardware. Well worth the money and the leather was actually quite nice quality too.


And lastly, I wanted to do a shoutout for Amy at Slow and Steady Smiler Wins the Race. She's also doing a contest, this time for reaching 100 followers. I've definitely enjoyed following her and Steady on their journey. I'm always amazed when I think back on how far they come and how Amy is able to balance both her own riding with her daughters' and with having a family. I love watching OTTB's in their next life chapter and Steady seems like an awesome horse. So go check them out and give her a follow!


  1. So the polos run small? I am so going to get some :)

  2. Yeah, I think they run a size smaller than their size chart suggests since they're a "fitted" style. I measure into a medium but I wear the large. They're definitely a good deal though!

  3. I'm getting some too! The ones without the logo though. I was going to get mediums but now I'm thinking I should go with large? I would normally wear small/medium. Better too big than too small though!

  4. Gonna be checkin out those polos too :-)

  5. Also my favorite polos, I need a large and usually fit mediums.

  6. Ok thanks! I normally wear a med so I will get a large :)