Sunday, August 11, 2013

Bad Blogger

I feel like I've been such a bad blogger lately... So let's catch up on everything!

Everything has been happening at once this week, especially leading right up into my trip to San Diego for a week starting Tuesday! I'm excited to take a week off because it's been crazy!

Misty has been getting my full attention since Jetta's healing. I jumped her twice and it was a lot of fun!

She's still wary of the jumps, but if I put my leg on she'll go over it. I've been trotting/cantering her over little cavaletti's for our trail practice so I set the jumps at about 2'/2'3" (I couldn't find my tape measure). She was super good, though not too sure that this was a great career change.

I'm considering taking her to a jumping show at the end of the month and showing in the 2'/2'3" division. Poor horse probably has no idea what her real career is supposed to be...

Not convinced...

She gave me her lead changes about 80% of the time. She got strung out once and we couldn't get a change to save our lives but once I took her back to the trot and regrouped, we were able to get them again. Lead changes - what a novel idea! (I'm looking at you Jetta...).

The trail competition was over the weekend and I was the photographer for it. It was a TOUGH trail course and no one got through all of the obstacles (which is just how JF likes it!) The weather was cray-zee. It was supposed to thunder storm but I didn't believe the weatherman... then the dark clouds rolled in and the thunder started and it POURED. Everyone ran for cover to wait it out and we ended up making it our lunch break. Luckily it stopped and the sun came out so everyone could finish the course.

And lastly, I decided to swap out Jetta and Jazz. Since I haven't been doing anything with Jetta while she's healing and Jazz is suffering from really bad allergies, I thought it would be perfect for her to come up to the barn for a little while so I can ride her, she can heal and I can find a new lessor for her.

Lots and lots of pictures to come and complete write ups on all the events :)


  1. haha oh yeah she is not thrilled at all

  2. I dunno. I think she looks way cuter in english tack than western!

  3. That picture is priceless! She sounds like such a fun horse.

  4. Yay for jumping. Hopefully the show goes well :)