Monday, August 5, 2013

Plugging Along

The weekend has mostly been quiet. Jetta has been living the life and is just getting pampered. Her rope burns appear to be healing well on her hind legs but they've got some crusty scabs that are kind of ouchy so I've been slathering on ointment to try and keep them soft. Her hematoma doesn't seem to be getting any bigger, but neither does it appear to be getting smaller. Today she got a bath since I decided she was looking kind of icky. She had some dried sweat and some dead hair going on so I gave her a really good scrub and tested out some new shampoo. She was not pleased about the bath, though I'm convinced that it had to feel good with it being so hot out!

More recent photo from 2 days ago

I'm itching to ride her again! There's so much stuff I want to work with her on and do. We were finally at a really good place again. But if it decides not to heal, the couple shows we were planning this month will have to be scratched...

Misty is also doing well. We've just been playing around with western stuff and prepping for the trail competition this weekend. I put out 3 poles all bunched together to act as a log and got her to sidepass over them. It took a while, but we finally made it all the way over in both directions! Next step is to use the jump blocks as something slightly larger and then finally we'll use the barrels to sidepass over.

I've also been trying to organize stuff. I brought some tack home to clean and sell, as well as all of my more recently used bits to run through the dishwasher. I think I have a problem... Not pictured are 5 more bits. Does it not count as hoarding because I've decided to sell two of them?

Shiny shiny bitssss. I didn't even have to photoshop the sparkle on :)

Then I bought a little 4-drawer plastic dealie to put stuff in and wrangle all my wraps and random stuff that is floating around the tack room. Even though there's only one other boarder plus the trainer, I still feel bad occasionally for how much I dominate the space...

Other than that, nothing exciting has been happening! I'm hoping to go sorting again on Wednesday or Thursday. Maybe squeeze in a trail ride or jumping session or both with Misty. And Jetta will just continue to live the good life.

Oh! And before I forget, Hilary is running a contest on her blog for PonyTail Products shampoo. Details:

"PonyTail Products is sponsoring a fun giveaway for the opportunity to win a full size 24oz bottle of their Bubble & Bucks Shampoo and a full size 8oz bottle of their Show Pony Shine.

Details are as follows: All Entries Due by August 5th at Midnight

Winner must share a brief but honest review of the products if they have their own blog
    • Share details on the scent, effectiveness, quality, etc"
 I love fancy shampoo but never buy it so this would be a nice treat!


  1. Love the bits! Fingers crossed Jetta heals up!!

  2. Fingers crossed for Jetta. It's nice that you're being g aware that you do share the tack room even if only with a few people. I'm sure they will appreciate your effort to stay more organized and contained :)

    Shiney bits! You'll have to have a blog sale!