Friday, May 24, 2013

Where Did May Go?

Can't believe it's almost June! One week left and I'm feeling behind "schedule" (like we've ever really had a schedule though).

I'm ashamed to say that besides going xc schooling, we haven't jumped since the jumping show... Bad. I mean it's really more for my benefit than for Jetta's since we are going to be doing beginner novice at our two events which is 2'7" max I believe. And at least at the one-day trial they weren't even close to max last year. So that's not the problem, I just need to get my stuff together. Last time I rode without stirrups?? Um... couldn't tell you.

So the plan is to get on that pronto. Wesnesday was an interesting ride. Jetta was ok - not too terrible, but not good either. The good thing about the ride is that instead of feeling like just a rider and just trying to work through the ride without making things worse, instead I felt like a trainer in that we worked through the problems, got clear improvement and made it into a learning experience for both of us. She made me work for it the whole ride, but it always feels good when you're able to step up and not just end on a better note, but to completely turn the ride around.

The plan is for a jumping ride today, warm up with a little stirrupless riding. Then either Saturday or Sunday we will go xc schooling again.

With Queenie, the plan is to squeeze in an arena ride today, then go for a trail ride on Saturday or Sunday. On Saturday I should have someone coming to meet Queenie which I'm hopeful about so I could use all the good thoughts possible that this person actually shows up!

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